Darrell Klassen Cut the Crap Golf - Never Fail Golf System Review

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Are all the PGA Pros wrong and should you really stop believing the PGA teaching Pros and Golf Magazines? This is the controversial statement that Darrell Klassen make in this video on Cut The Crap Golf - Never Fail Golf System.


Is it just a marketing gimmick or is there really some truth? Personally I had some bad experiences with lessons I took from PGA pros and most of the tips you find in Golf Magazines are useless. That’s the reason why I decided to review Darrell’s Cut The Crap Golf program.



What is Cut The Crap Golf about?


Darell’s main principle is about learning to slice the ball. Once you understand this part everything should become easier. The whole method is
covered in 4 steps and it starts with Chipping. Darrell’s philosophy is to build your game up from the Chipping stroke.


The program is delivered in 4 Modules plus a Bonus section. Every Module consists of Videos (short to the point), a Webinar recording where members of
his program can ask questions and Darrell answers them, plus eBooks you can download to your PC and print out. Here are the details for each module:


Module 1:


The goal of Module 1 is to build the foundation. The focus is on the Chip Shot (part 1 of Darrell’s 4 Easy Steps Program and the Break 90 Every Time You
Play Program

There is a comment section from members with almost 300 posts. Darrell is personally answering questions and there are a lot of comment from people who
significantly improved their scores.


Module 2:


In this module you get access to part 2 of the Easy Steps, the Collar Bone Drill and another Webinar. In addition you get free access to a bonus product
called "Improve Your Golf Swing Indoors".


Module 3:


3 other Videos with focus on Full and 3/4 Swing plus another another Webinar answering member questions.
Darrell reveals the the full golf swing is just a combination of the Chip + the Half Swing. Interesting approach.


Module 4:


The final video of the 4 Easy Steps video where everything comes together. As a bonus you get access to "Putting Video Series"



What is the overall conclusion?


This is one of the best Golf information I found for a long time. The 4 Easy Steps Program is simple and straight to the point. These videos are around 10 minutes long without any fluff. No need to watch videos for hours. The system can be implemented instantly and I saw instant improvement in my Chipping.


Members can ask their questions and Darell personally answers them. He even does an online Webinar for each module. You also get an eBook for all videos for people who prefer reading over watching videos.


With all the Bonus modules you get additional indoor training tips, a guide on "How to break 90 every time you play", Putting Videos and much more.


The price of the program is $97 and it covers the short and long game method. No need purchasing separate programs.


I’m really pleased with Darrell’s Cut The Crap Golf and highly recommend it to all Golfers who want a more consistent Golf.

Here’s a special link to access Never Fail Golf System
for getting the special Bonus Module




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