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The New Four Magic Moves Golf Manual is an updated version of the classic book "The Four Magic Moves To Wining Golf" by Joe Dante and Len Elliot. Andy Brown discovered this classic and relaunched it as downloadable ebook with videos and audios.


The New Four Magic Moves follows a completely different approach than most of today’s golf swing systems teach. It’s a controvers system and you’ll see in a moment why.


Is is the solution for all our golf swing problems? Is is the ultimate cure for slicing or hooking? It’s a very interesting approach and if you want to hit your shots straighter read on…


The downloadable four magic move ebook comes as pdf file (acrobat reader) accompanied with audios that can be listened on your computer or MP3 players like iPod. 

I always prefer to see some images to be able to visualize the movements. So they audios are nice to be listened to in your car. But to effectively implement a golf swing move I prefer the book.


The book itself has 149 pages which are easy to understand and well written. The first three chapters describe the fundamentals like grip, ball position and stance. The second chapter is called ‘Sweeping Out The Rubbish" and clarifies some of the fallacies of golf. This chapter is very controverse and some of today’s well known pros will disagree with some of the statements (don’t turn the hips to the left in the downswing).


The next four chapters cover the four moves of the swing.The most radical element in this ebook is the technique explained to start the swing. It’s called the early break and you start the swing with a wrist break. Very unusal but it works! The explanation of each swing element is very detailed and comes with lots of pictures.


The last chapters cover the short game and trouble shots.



Four Magic Moves Review - What are the results?


I went out to the range to testdrive the Four Magic Moves system. The biggest change is the start of the backswing with an early wrist break. It looks strange but I was surprised how well it worked. The ball flight was straight after I hit the thirs shot. Once you master the first move you’ll master the other three swing elements quite easily.

What are the cons?


The start of the backswing looks a little funny. Golfers with a one piece take away will tell you that you’re doing something wrong and that you shouldn’t break your wrist too early. But as long as you see great results you shoudn’t worry about what your buddies or flight partners think.





The new Four Magic Moves is a controvese golf swing system, but very effective. The system can be easily learned and people who suffer from a bad swing or strong slice should give it a try. It doesn’t take long to master the first move and you can first results fast.

You get a 149 pages ebook and audios in MP3 format. As a bonus you get a powerful ebook about Golf Hypnosis.

It’s an unorthodox swing method but the results are interesting. If you’re looking for swing change you should give it a try.





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4 Responses to “Four Magic Moves Review”

  1. Clancy Says:
    Over the years I have purchased as much training aids and instruction books and videos as any other golfer in the pursuit of improving their golf swing and game. For me the Four Magic Moves has proven to be the best instruction I've purchased and I've thrown out the rest because the results have been terrific. The price is extremely reasonable too. Plus you can't put a value on owning a golf game that you enjoy. I've always been able to drive and hit my irons longer than most. The Four Magic Moves added more distance and I can hit the ball straight. I always found it easier to hit a fade or draw when either shot shape is necessary but hitting it straight was challenging. I am more comfortable now when I line up to hit a straight shot that I can and will execute it. The instructions are simple to imitate and take to the golf course and use. The results are immediate. I quit taking golf instructions long ago because my golf game would be would be ruined for weeks and there was no video reference at home to go back to. But with this you have the video. Andy also sends out useful tips each week by email. Bottom line, buy it. Its great value and you'll like what it will do to improve your golf game. Having a golf game you enjoy is priceless.

    Overall Rating

  2. TK Says:
    Concur on above, and also think the first "magic move" is a key since it removes any requirement to manipulate the hands during the downswing to produce a square clubface from an inside path. The results for me are a natural draw, but still have the ability to work the ball either way through the setup or slight hand manipulations through impact (for bigger draw/fade). Like Clancy, I already hit the ball extremely long, so that wasn't the issue. This swing allows me to feel effortless with the same power. Playing two downwind holes back-to-back, hit 385 and 370 yard drives dead straight. Obviously wind-aided and some roll, but 85 yards past next best playing partner who also hit it well! Definitely worth a shot for the price!

    Overall Rating

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